Escape the winter to Tenerife

Brits will have already noticed a chill in the air at the beginning of September, with the weather taking a serious downturn. We’ve got the rain, we’ve got the cold – and it’s all just a taster of what’s in store come November and onwards. All this talk of Britain’s weather system – unpredictable at best, unfair at worst – will undoubtedly have people longing for warmer temperatures. Book now for some winter sun this year in Tenerife, the ideal place for an impromptu holiday.

Why Tenerife?
Aside from having the one thing completely necessary for a good winter sun holiday (ie: the winter sun), Tenerife has a plethora of attractions to keep you entertained and a more than agreeable atmosphere. Whether you like to saunter between the honey-coloured walls of the local village in search of culture, or relax on the beach with a towel and a spot of alfresco dining, the island has something to appease even the most discerning winter sun seeker.

Coming up with a complete list of things to do on Tenerife would take days and days of internet research, and even then there are places that aren’t easily found on the net you might miss until you actually get out there. But anyway – here are a few activities you can do on the island, just to whet your appetite.

Things to do
As a place to explore, Tenerife is as fascinating during the winter as it is in the summer. In fact, if you’re into trekking and walking, it’s arguably better in the winter. Temperatures are still in the 20s in November and December, making it warm, but not blisteringly so. Roam all the way up to Mount Teide if you feel like it, although bear in mind it will be much cooler as you go on up!

Failing that, hire a car and discover the secret village of Masca. Hidden on the coastline, the only way to reach it 30 years ago was by boat and then donkey ride. It still contains many traditions and objects you won’t find anywhere else.
The island doesn’t close down for the winter either – many of the bars and restaurants are open all year round, even if the clientele is a little more mature than during the height of summer. Head to Santa Cruz for its renowned shopping and clubbing scenes, or for a thrilling experience, get over to one of the island’s amusement parks.

Christmas on Tenerife
As well as the many activities you can do all year round, winter holds some very special attractions for holidaymakers looking to visit Tenerife. December is celebration time, with traditional Canarian towns such as Puerto de la Cruz, Santa Cruz, La Laguna and La Orotava holding their own processions and Christmas markets all through the month. There are also the huge street parties of December 31st – see in the New Year in style with the locals, and drink the bar dry.

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