Airport Lounges Are Awesome

When you first book your holiday, all you are looking forward to is reaching your destination. If only all the packing, travelling and airport hassle was taken out of the question. Don’t you wish it was as simple as clicking your fingers and you arriving on a beach somewhere? Well, unfortunately I am not a magician and I cannot help you in the packing and travelling. However, what I can do is ensure your few hours at the airport run smoothly and are relaxing by suggesting that you book an airport lounge. I have teamed up with the professionals (in relaxation) at FHR. Offering a wide range of national and international choices in airport lounges, FHR know exactly what their customers are looking for when they search for tranquil and peaceful solutions at an airport and as a result, offer some of the most satisfying surroundings.

Before I suggest a few of my favourite airport lounges and attempt to convince you with this genius idea, here are just a few reasons as to why it’s a great idea to book one!

– Relaxing and comfy surroundings
– Great getaway from a crowded terminal
– Avoid the duty free shoppers
– Avoid hyped up children whizzing around
– TV and other entertainment facilities
– Complementary food and drink
– Free Wi-Fi facilities
– Shower and spa facilities

Check out some of my favourite lounges

Servisair Styal Lounge, Manchester Airport
This lounge is great for escaping the hustle and bustle at Manchester Airport. With access to complimentary snacks, hot drinks and for the adventurous, there is even a range of spirits, beers and wines on offer. You can also enjoy free Wi-Fi and entertainment as well as ready a newspaper or glossy magazine. The best thing, this lounge is open to all regardless of which class or airline you are travelling with.

Cheviot Lounge, Newcastle Airport
With a maximum stay of 3 hours for ticketed passengers, this lounge is the perfect place to start your holiday. A non-smoking and spacious area, the lounge offers a variety of refreshments, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, disabled access, Wi-Fi, newspapers and magazines as well as up to date flight information.

Skylounge, Glasgow Airport
Located on the second floor of the International Pier, the Skylounge welcomes children and infants offering a children’s zone where the young ones can enjoy a range of entertainment including DVDs, consoles and toys. There is also a business section for professionals to catch up on their work.

The majority of lounges have similar offerings. A few of my other favourites include;

– The Bollin Lounge, Terminal 1 at Manchester Airport
– The No1 Lounge and Aspire Lounge at Gatwick in the North terminal of Gatwick Airport and,
– The No.1 Lounge in Terminal 3 at Heathrow Airport

Many have said airport lounges are too expensive and unnecessary. Well, you cannot judge until you have tried! Just remember, some of the lounges are so reasonably priced that once you have added the cost of your food, drink, newspapers and clothes in the duty free terminal, it could turn out that the lounge is a cheaper option!

About the author: This article was written by Nishma Shah for FHR Airport Hotels and Parking.

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