Top all-inclusive destinations around the world

All-inclusive holidays are becoming more and more popular lately thanks to the economic uncertainty making some destinations simply too unpredictable to visit otherwise. By booking all-inclusive, you can control your own budget in a far easier way, safe in the knowledge that your holiday package covers not just flights and hotels, but everything from food and drink to entertainment. With a little help from holiday experts Teletext Holidays, we’ve chosen some of the top destinations for an all-inclusive holiday.


Egypt is one of the most popular destinations in the world, and the coastal region of Sharm el Sheikh certainly offers some of the best beaches and attractions across the Middle East. However, it can also be expensive – many of the attractions involve tours, whether into the desert to see the pyramids or out to sea for diving excursions. Save your money and ensure that everything else on your holiday is covered, so you can budget for those big expenses with more confidence.


Turkey is well-known for its luxury resorts, and with an all-inclusive package you can stay in one of the country’s best without having to break the bank. A culturally diverse country with plenty to see and do, Turkey offers something for everyone, both in the towns and cities and in the resorts themselves. Relax by the pool or visit Istanbul for a city experience like no other.

The Maldives

The Maldives are a collection of absolutely stunning islands in the Indian Ocean. They’re a huge attraction for beach-lovers and water sports enthusiasts, thanks to the excellent diving conditions and year-round warm weather. However, it can be difficult to make your way around the islands, as the main form of transport is either by boat or sea plane. By booking an all-inclusive holiday in a resort you can enjoy having everything you need in one place, with the only expense being a day out on the water!

Popular Stopovers En-route to New Zealand

Lake Dunstan - New Zealand
[Lake Dunstan – New Zealand by anthonycramp.]

There are several reasons why those making the journey to New Zealand choose to stop off on the way: first, the flight time – it’s a whopping 24 hours from London to Auckland! And second the opportunity – if you’re going to be flying this far why not explore a little along the way. There are some fabulous destinations on the way to New Zealand, whether you’re looking for glorious beach life, bustling urban hubs or stunning scenery. Here, John from ANZCRO UK takes us through a few of the stopovers you might want to consider including on your ticket:

Dubai – dynamic business centre and exciting tourist hub, Dubai is one of those locations that captures the imaginations of all who visit. The fascinating fusion of Middle Eastern with western culture, the warm climate and the range of excellent facilities on offer makes this an ideal location for breaking the journey eastwards. Dubai marina, Downtown Dubai and landmarks like the Burj Al Arab, Palm islands and Ski Dubai make this an exotic destination in its own right.

Singapore – situated on the southern tip of the Malay Peninsular, Singapore is a traditional stop off en route to New Zealand. If you thought this was a bland location with little to offer other than restrictive rules and clean pavements then think again, as Singapore is a bustling hotspot of cosmopolitan life. As well as bank busting opportunities for shopping on Orchard Road, Singapore is a foodie heaven with high end international cuisine to be sampled, as well as mouthwatering local dishes such as oyster omelette and clay-pot seafood. The night safari at the Singapore Zoo is well worth a visit, and there are myriad other attractions, from Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, to Sentosa Island.

Hong Kong – the fascinating collision of cultures in the special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China of Hong Kong, makes it the kind of once in a life time destination that few forget visiting. This is both a location of international finance and business, as well as a place to experience some of the best Chinese New Year celebrations in the world. Attractions are numerous, from the famous Victoria Harbour and The Peak, through to The Avenue of the Stars and Hong Kong Disneyland. There are also some incredible museums here, such as the Hong Kong Museum of Art, and regular performances of everything from exotic Chinese opera to elegant ballet performed by some of the best dancers in the business.

Los Angeles – if you’re travelling west to east then America has some great stopover options that are easily included on the way. LA is probably one of the most appealing, as an exciting and glamorous city and of course the home of Hollywood. The Hollywood Bowl, Universal Studios, the Grammy Museum and the Getty Center are all key local sightseeing spots, but for many the main attraction of LA is simply wandering around and absorbing the vibrant, star studded atmosphere and film set like streets.

These are just some of the popular stopovers en route to New Zealand. There are many other options, no matter which way you decide to travel, from the exotic shores of Thailand, to the undulating streets of San Francisco, and the unspoilt beaches of Bali.

Tips on Packing for your Holiday

Packing Tutorial
[Image Courtesy: Brooklyn Bliss]

Whether you spend weeks or minutes packing for your holiday booked through TravelClubUK, we all tend to forget something from time to time. Sometimes we pack too less while at other times our bags are just not enough for the stuff we want to take on our holiday. To reduce packing stress levels however, it is wise to pack smartly. For instance, wearing your heaviest and the bulkiest clothes and shoes can help in reducing the weight of luggage and allow us to keep a little more in the same space.

Here are some of the tips that can come handy while packing your travel bags.

1. Folding clothes:
Clothes invariably take up most of the space in our bags. Folding them in the right way can help you in creating a lot more space though. Rolling works wonders with clothes like pants, skirts and sport shirts. Folding two or more clothes together such as trousers is also helpful. Spread heavy clothes at the bottom of the bag.

2. Use Tissue Paper:
For packing delicate items, use tissue paper. Wrap the item in tissue paper with its face down and the paper on the top. For creating a shield, use more layers of papers for wrapping from the outside. This kind of packing is only good if you to use the item just once during trip. Repacking again and again in the same manner can be a pain so keep this in mind!

3. Keeping Liquids and Gels:
Put all liquids and toiletries in a transparent zip-top bag. Unless they weigh 3.4 ounces or less, keep the liquid container in your checked luggage. To be on the safer side, keep your toiletries in two plastic bags, if in case of any bottle spills.

4. Packing Books:
While packing books do not keep them on top of each other. Spread all the books and documents throughout your bag. Betters till – invest in an e-reader!

5. Locking Bags:
For locking your bags, only use TSA-approved locks so that if your bag is selected for random screening agents don’t have to break the locks of your bags.It is always better to be prepared for security screening. Do not over pack otherwise there are chances of some items getting lost or wrinkling of clothes during screening.

Do you have any other packing tips or rules you always stick to? We’d love to hear them!