Tips and Tricks for Travelling on a Budget

Eurostar at Gare du Nord, Paris

Just because you didn’t win the lottery last week, you don’t need to forego your long-awaited holiday in a faraway place. With enough tips and tricks for travelling on a budget, you’ll be able to see what’s there to be seen, travel around at will, enjoy local foods and have just as much fun as holidaymakers staying in upscale hotels at your destination. Perhaps you’ll have an even better time, as you’ll be mingling with the locals rather than spending your time in a hotel complex.

By Coach

Firstly, transportation to your selected holiday destination doesn’t have to be by full-service airline or even by any airline of you’re heading for a European or Mediterranean destination. The cheapest form of travel from London to almost any continental destination is by long-distance coach from Victoria Coach Station. Okay, it’s a long ride, but the modern comfortable luxury buses with reclining seats make sure you are still able to walk when you arrive, and with enough money in your wallet to have a great time.

By Channel Tunnel

With the advent of the Channel Tunnel, train travel to all the popular tourist regions on the continent has become a reality, with the bonus that it’s a great way to see the varied countryside along the route. Dedicated winter trains from London to famous European ski resorts have become party central, taking around two days of music and dancing to get close to the slopes at a very reasonable price, especially when considering self-drive petrol prices and overnight accommodation. Also, travelling by coach or train is far less stressful than negotiating the long queues and harsh security regulations at most European airports nowadays.


By Plane

If you’re traveling off season, it’s well worth exploring the internet for low-cost airline special offers, but exercise care when you book online as extra charges imposed by the airlines can add up. Whatever time of year you’ve chosen to travel, once you arrive you’ll find it easy to locate budget accommodation, especially if you’ve researched online beforehand. If beach resorts are your holiday heaven, maybe book a hotel in Bali remind yourself that you’re enjoying the same sand, sea and sun at far less cost than those staying in upscale haunts. If you enjoy more of the snowy winter weather then why not try a search more up north and find holiday accommodations in Vancouver.

By Taxi

Local transportation is far cheaper than hiring a guide or taxi and driver, and even if you can’t speak the language, a phrase book aimed at friendly locals should make sure you don’t get lost. If you’re a free spirit and need to go where you want to when you want to, hiring a motorbike or bicycle and setting off into the far blue yonder is great way to explore, and walking or trekking allow you to explore nature’s wonderland at very little cost.

By Public Transport

If you’re a history buff newly arrived in an ancient city, you should check out whether all-in-one, several-day public transport tickets are on offer. Many of these also include either free or discounted entry to museums and historic sites, and can save a deal of money. A visit to the local tourist information office will tell you all you need to know.

By Foot

One of the pleasures of travelling is sampling local foods, with the best and most authentic often found in back-street eateries which are popular with local residents. If you’re travelling on a budget, get away from the tourist areas as soon as hunger strikes and discover little cafes patronised by local people. For a change, check out fresh markets and buy deli and other foods for an impromptu picnic, not forgetting a bottle of the local wine. Often, the larger markets offer stalls with fresh-cooked local delicacies in addition to ultra-fresh fruit and vegetables.